Workshop #2: Maximizing the Power of a Company 401(k) Plan

This workshop is designed primarily for 401(k) employee participants. It addresses tax issues as well as financial management issues for participants’ retirement plans. This workshop can be customized to the specific needs of each participating company.

Purpose: Retirement accounts are different from regular savings and investments. They have very different tax and financial implications. The purpose of this workshop is to educate employees on how to effectively take advantage of their benefits while avoiding potential pitfalls.

Specifically, this workshop will show participants how to:

  • Use momentum and trends analysis to build wealth while managing risk (works best for
    plans that offer brokerage access or in-service distributions.)
  • Avoid pitfalls that are unique to retirement accounts
  • Prevent the wrong people from inheriting their retirement accounts (i.e., beneficiary
    designation planning)
  • Disinherit the IRS from their retirement accounts
  • Withdraw from retirement accounts before 59-1/2 without penalties
  • More