Corporate Workshops

Working with you to cover topics like your retirement, 401(k), and stock options.

Corporate Workshops

In addition to our General Public workshops, FiAT offers programs tailored to meet the needs of employees in our effort to further promote financial literacy at the workplace. These programs are available at no charge to your firm or employees. If you would like to host a workshop or if you would like more information, please contact us.

Currently, there are three workshops available:

  1. "A Race Between Time and Money" - This workshop is aimed at helping working adults be more prepared for retirement. See workshop outline

  2. "Maximizing the Power of Company 401(k)s" - This workshop aims at helping employees to understand and be able to more effectively manage their company retirement plans. See workshop outline
  3. "Understanding the Power of Equity Compensation Plans" - This workshop educates equity compensation recipients on the "ins and outs" of their stock option compensation plans. See workshop outline

Retirement Workshop Preview

Below is a video excerpt from our retirement workshop, "A Race Between Time and Money," taken July 15, 2015 at the Belmont Library.