Workshop #3: Understanding the Power of Equity Compensation Plans

This workshop is designed for equity compensation plan recipients. It includes financial decision criteria as well as tax implications (and potential pitfalls) of equity compensation plans.

Purpose: Employee stock options (equity compensation plans) have gained popularity in recent years. While stock options and other forms of equity compensation can be a real wealth builder for today’s workers, much of the potential wealth is wasted...why...because stock options are complicated. Not only optionees fail to understand the implications and potentials of stock options, many professional advisors are not well versed in the rules to effectively advise their clients on when and how to take advantage of their options packages.

The purpose of this workshop is to offer some of the often overlooked considerations when making the ‘when to exercise’ ‘when to sell’ decisions for stock options, and to introduce income tax planning considerations related to stock option exercises.

At this workshop, participants will learn...

  • The often overlooked decision criteria regarding exercising stock options
  • The pros and cons of exercising unexercised stock options
  • How to minimize income tax through planning the timing attribute and the
    characterization attribute
  • The value of their stock options should impact their decisions to leave or stay
  • More