General Public Workshops

Workshops open to the public on topics like your retirement, 401(k), and stock options.

General Public Workshops

In addition to our Corporate Workshops, FiAT offers workshops open to the general public. These programs are available at no charge and are often facilitated through partnerships with local Bay Area libraries and community centers. Visit our partner website for available dates, times, and registration information. 


Upcoming Workshops

Financial education workshop events in 2017. Check back, as more may be added, or call to inquire.

Maximizing Your Social Security Benefits After The Bipartisan Budget Act of 2015

“When Should I Take Social Security?” is a common question asked by retirees. While a simple “Now” or “Later” proposition is fine for single people, spousal and survivor benefits are important factors for married couples in deciding the when, and ignoring them may result in leaving tens of thousands of dollars on the table. At this workshop, learn the strategies that are now available after the changes made in the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2015 to maximize social security benefits for your household.

Family Love Letter Workshop

What does your family need to know?

Family Love Letter is a system that helps your family know where to find the information they will need, and your desires, when the time comes. Your intentions may be impeccable, but if they aren’t understood and communicated, your intentions are irrelevant. The Family Love Letter helps to create agreement and clarity in a time of confusion. It helps to reduce stress, preserve family relationships, and provide your family with tools to carry out your wishes when you are no longer able to. This presentation addresses items that are not normally covered in your will or trust.

At this free workshop, attendees will receive the Family Love Letter system along with short cuts on completing it. Limit one per family. Seating is limited and registration is required.

Surviving the Retirement Perfect Storm

With increasing taxes, mounting debts, the tightening of government regulations, and the ever increasing complexity of our financial system, today’s retirees face more of the financial challenges than ever before. At this workshop, you will learn how to navigate through today’s financial challenges to properly plan for your retirement.

Disinheriting the IRS from Your Retirement Accounts

Without proper planning, the IRS can be the largest beneficiary of your retirement accounts. Outside of your personal residence, your retirement accounts may very well be the largest asset group in your estate. Consequently, careful planning is critical. At this free educational workshop, you will learn how a five-step action plan may help protect your retirement savings from annihilation by the Tax Man.

Successful Investing: Manage Risk – Maximize Gains

Professional investors typically perform better than the average investor. They do so not because of the stocks they pick nor any special tips they have, but because of how they manage risks. Learn risk management strategies used by professional investors to manage risk while maximizing the returns on investments.

Personal Tax Workshop- Keep More of What You Make

CPA John Lau reviews 2016 Tax Law changes and updates, and how you may jump start your tax savings in 2017. At this workshop, John will show you 23 of the most overlooked strategies that may save you thousands in taxes. These strategies include tax planning for investments, tax planning for your retirement accounts, tax planning for the self-employed, as well as tax efficiency planning for selling highly appreciated assets.

Form 1040 Roadmap to Personal Financial Planning

This workshop shows you a tax-focused approach to Financial Planning. A tax-focused approach will help grow your top line, control your taxes, and protect your bottom line… so that you get to keep more of what you make. As Benjamin Franklin once said, “A penny saved is a penny earned”. Especially in today’s tax and spend environment, tax saving has taken on a new level of importance.

Retirement Workshop Preview

Below is a video excerpt from our retirement workshop, "A Race Between Time and Money," taken July 15, 2015 at the Belmont Library.