Tax Treatment of Equity Compensation Packages

Tax planning for equity compensation generally has two objectives – planning the income characterization attribute and planning the timing attribute: Planning the income characterization attribute: the objective is to convert ordinary income to capital gain, since capital gains are generally taxed at more favorable rates. Planning the timing attribute: the objective is to control when income is […]

Business ethics: What kind of person do you want to be?

Business Ethics and Golden Balls

Last night, a segment from NPR’s RadioLab was centered around a British television game show called “Golden Balls,” in which contestants compete against one another with the objective of winning money. Students from this past year’s class will almost definitely recognize what this post will be about once they get 4 minutes 10 seconds into the […]

Retirement Workshop Recap

Questions from the Retirement Workshop

This past week has been a busy one for us, here at FiAT. In addition to wrapping up another successful week of FLY Sessions at St. Matthews Ward Hall, our July 15 retirement workshop on “Disinheriting the IRS from Your Retirement Accounts” drew a crowd of more than 50 people to the Belmont Library. At […]

Financial concepts to know before college

The Importance of Financial Literacy

Three key concepts I wish I understood before entering college Budgeting The concept of budgeting may be an easy one for many people to grasp, but adults to this day still don’t understand how to budget and still have no idea where their money is going. In college, I am constantly dealing with controlling my […]

Ed Phillips

Ed Phillips’ 3 Entrepreneurship Takeaways

The goal of every FLY session is to enhance students’ perspectives on the topics of financial literacy and entrepreneurship. As a part of that commitment, our weeklong programs take advantage of the wealth of knowledgeable business-owners that we are fortunate to have here in the Bay Area. This year, franchisee of Jersey Mike’s Subs on […]

invest early

5 Reasons to Invest at a Young Age

Why it is important to begin investing early. 1. Taking More Risks Risk-taking is one of the main reasons people steer away from investing. Many people don’t want to take risks with their money, especially as they are starting to near retirement. However, students and young adults have the luxuries of both flexibility and time […]

History of FiAT

In July of 2014, FiAT (previously “Pay It Forward Bay Area”) hosted its first Financial Literacy and Entrepreneurship Summer Camp program for youth. The program was supported by donations from parents, local business owners, the local clergy, and the primary benefactor was LFS Asset Management. FiAT partnered with Junior Achievement to develop the one-week Financial […]