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5 Reasons to Invest at a Young Age

Why it is important to begin investing early.

1. Taking More Risks

Risk-taking is one of the main reasons people steer away from investing. Many people don’t want to take risks with their money, especially as they are starting to near retirement. However, students and young adults have the luxuries of both flexibility and time to recover from any losses that may occur. Young investors can learn from their mistakes and use those mistakes to educate themselves for the future.

2. There Is More Time To Save

Timing is always on your side when talking about young investors. Young investors have time to save more and, therefore, invest more. Saving money is not easy for most people but in the long run, it can really enhance one’s wealth. For example, it will be much easier to reach a million dollars trying to save for 20 years versus trying to save for five years.

3. Being Ahead of the Game

People invest simply to make more money – so why not start at an early stage of your life? It never hurts to be ahead of the game and to start before everyone else does. Many people don’t even start thinking about investing until their mid to late 20’s. Being ahead of all your peers can only help and will provide the best opportunities possible to make the most money.

4. Understanding the Value of Money

Investing at a young age will help the value of money in perspective. Seeing the rise and fall of equity, especially when correlating with world events, will help kids understand why money is so important and how hard it is to earn and keep. Those who invest early will generally steer clear of bad spending habits and will avoid wasting money.

5. Future Benefits

Learning about investing will teach you all about retirement planning. Retirement planning may not be the first thing on the top of a student’s mind but as one gets older, it certainly will be. Understanding the steps to retirement planning at an early age can give young investors an advantage when it comes time to start thinking about retirement.

Ryan Ding

Ryan Ding is a senior pursuing a bachelors degree in Finance at California State University, Chico. He wants to pursue a career in the financial services industry and wishes to become a successful investor.

Ryan lives in the Bay Area. Some of his hobbies include traveling, playing sports and hanging out with his friends.